As a Research & Development specialist, Omigaman Limited has been focusing on cloud-based innovations since May 2003. The original GEPO platform started life as an eProcurement system, and rapidly evolved into a feature-rich business automation solution, which incorporates CRM, eBooking, collaboration, messaging and administration. The innovation of the PIMS platform in 2015 brought about the first ever e-commerce solution for secure processing of debit/credit card payments via emails and SMS text messages (certified by SagePay and VeriFone). GEPO & PIMS platforms effectively automate key business processes and convert information into Understanding and Knowledge.

GEPO (Good Enough Push On):

An enterprise solution that fully automates key business processes and converts information into Understanding and Knowledge. GEPO users can increase profits by controlling all non-payroll expenditure, collaborate with colleagues/clients in multiple offices, currencies and time zones.

PIMS (Pay It My Self):

A business solution that enables card-not-present transactions to be channelled through to the customer’s own phone or computer (in association with VeriFone and SagePay). PIMS removes the risks involved in customers revealing their credit/debit card details over the phone, and lowers transaction costs.

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